• Logos

    A professional, well designed logo is essential for attracting customers and creating a lasting impression


  • Brochures

    Brochures are an effective way of advertising. They build interest, and create desire for your products or services

  • Websites

    A web presence is crucial. I build CMS websites, with a back end. Once built
    you can maintain your site

  • Stationery

    Stationery can consist of a business card, letterhead and with compliments slip. Consistency is key to looking professional

  • Ads

    Create awareness of your company / business. I can create yellow pages, newspaper or magazine ads

  • Flyers

    A quick and effective way of advertising. Usually on a DL size highlighting a main message or a few key points

  • Posters

    Posters vary in size and are created to attract attention and communicate basic information about an event or a product

  • Catalogues

    Catalogues create the desire to buy,
    also known as junk mail! They can be
    an effective way of attracting customers

  • Annual reports

    An Annual report is a detailed report on a company’s activities of the preceding year.
    Clean design makes it appealing to read

  • Calendars

    Not only keeping the date, a custom calendar for your business can be great promotional material for valued clients

  • Magazines

    Magazines or newsletters, contain a variety of articles. They can be used to keep your clients updated and interested

  • Packaging

    While packaging provides protection to objects. Good packaging design attracts customers to purchase

  • Signage

    Acts as a big logo for a organisation, the purpose of signage is to create awareness and to direct customers and visitors

  • Banners

    Another big logo for a organisation,
    usually as portable signage used at
    events to create awareness

  • Exhibition design

    Exhibition design can be used as banners or be a more fixed setup. They are the best tools for marketing the brand in public

  • Invitations

    Pretty self explanatory. Invitations can be designed in all different shapes and colours depending on the event

  • Canvases

    The same as an artist paints on. Canvases can be designed and printed on. Great for homes, offices, and gifts

  • Stickers

    Stickers can be designed as any shape and size for a range of purposes, from bumper stickers, labels, promotional etc